Chhotray’s Hati Saja Kara album released

Bhubaneswar: 16 selected songs of Debadas Chhotray, an accomplished Poet, lyricist working now as the Vice-Chancellor of Ravenshaw Unitary University were released in the form of a musical album, titled ‘Hati Saja Kara’, at a well attended function at Rabindra Mandap on 24th September, 2008.

Although some of the critics who attended the function did not highly appreciate the quality of the rendition of Sushmita, the singer who has sung all the songs, they spoke high of such an attempt of Debdas in compiling songs written by him with the influence of childhood experience, mannerisms of youth of Cuttack, the legendary Akhsaya Mohanty and lullabies of his own mother. The album unfolds with a commentary by Debdas himself. Award winning music composer Om Prakash Mohanty is the music director of this album.